TKO: Roseanne Barr Just EXPOSED Kathy Griffin For Who She Really Is! Look What She Said…

On Tuesday, Comedienne Kathy Griffin posted a photo and video of her holding a severed Donald Trump head. Griffin did it with photographer Tyler Shields. It was disgusting. Look who just stepped up to defend the Trump family. It’s…

Kathy Griffin got torn apart after Conservatives bombarded CNN and pushed for them to fire Kathy Griffin. They did. CNN terminated their contract with Kathy Griffin on Wednesday.

*** On Wednesday, Rosanne Barr weighed in on Griffin’s stunt on Wednesday.

11-year-old Barron Trump was traumatized after seeing the image of Kathy Griffin holding his father’s severed head on TV. He thought that something had happened to his father… THESE LIBERALS ARE HORRIBLE! They are terrorizing little kids like thugs.

Sooooooo look what Kathy Griffin said.


OHhhhhhhhhh! You got to love Roseanne Bar. She tells it like it is. It seems Kathy Griffin thought that what she did would be a good idea – which is telling about the mindset of liberals right now.

Share this everywhere if you think it is disgusting that Liberals have reached this point.

The liberal left are terrorizing little kids – like ISIS.

Source: Liberty Writers

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