Washington Is Going To FREAK When They See What Trump Just Unveiled This Sunday Morning

President Trump will unveil his plan this week for a $1 TRILLION infrastructure plan, updating everything from our roads to our air traffic control system. And here’s the best part:

President Trump will try to get most of it paid for by businesses and local governments, NOT the federal government.

Democrats love spending other people’s money, so they’re going to hate this plan.

President Trump had made a highly successful career as a builder and developer in New York City and around the world before being elected. During his campaign, he promised to use that experience and expertise to update America’s badly deteriorating infrastructure.

That’s what I love about having an entrepreneur for a president- President Trump knows how to conduct business and get the most value for the American taxpayer’s dollar.

“We like the template of not using taxpayer dollars to give taxpayers wins,” said Gary Cohn, President Trump’s infrastructure adviser and director of the National Economic Council.

One major part of the plan will be privatizing and reforming the country’s air-traffic control system. President Trump wants to modernize air-traffic control to use digital satellite-based tracking systems instead of land-based radar, which will be both cost saving and more accurate. The air-traffic control system will also be turned over to a private non-profit, which will come to a huge savings to the government and the American taxpayer.

More details for America’s new infrastructure plan will be unveiled later this week, so stay tuned! And share this story one million times to show the world we love having a president that GETS THINGS DONE!

Source: Liberty Writers

One thought on “Washington Is Going To FREAK When They See What Trump Just Unveiled This Sunday Morning

  • June 5, 2017 at 1:55 am

    The American people could not be happier. Finally these forgotten cities will return to life and people will bring them alive with joy and promise for a great future. The roads and highways are a total mess and yet they squeeze the life out of the Truckers and they have to endure getting there brains shook out travelling on them. Toll roads everywhere as if we do not pay enough to travel on regular roads. For 40 years i have seen little done to improve a stretch of freeway close by. My husband was a Trucker and many times I would ask him, “Are all roads and highways as bad as this,” and he would reply ,”Worse.” Yet the life is literally sucked out of us by the DMV who keep raising our Licenses and Smogs and so many things. At least we will see are cities bloom again and people put back to work. The Steel Cities died and Cities died with them. Our steel was made so much better than what comes from over seas. America first is right, as we have had enough hard times.


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