BA DA BOOM! Ted Cruz Just RUINED This Harvard Professor With What He Said To Defend Trump

Universities have become bastions of crazy leftist thought, and Harvard is apparently no exception. Luckily Senator Cruz is ready to stick up for the facts and the American people.

Shortly after President Trump left the Paris Climate Accords, Harvard American History Professor Joyce E. Chaplin tweeted this:


Uhm…WHAT? A TREATY created America?? Perhaps this AMERICAN HISTORY professor should read up on something called the REVOLUTIONARY WAR. Ted Cruz takes her to school with these epic responses:



BOOM. I love how Ted Cruz stands up to dishonest academics.

Fortunately, not every professor is willing to distort the facts to suit their politics. Columbia University history professor Patrick Chovanec slammed the Harvard prof too:

Honestly, I have never heard of anything more ridiculous than America being created by a treaty. I feel bad for whatever students are paying tuition to hear that professor talk.

Thank you, Senator Cruz for fighting back against leftist misinformation at our universities!

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Source: Liberty Writers

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