Liberals are SEETHING at What Trump Just Did to Fix Our Courts This Morning

President Donald Trump continues to live up to the promises he made the American people during his campaign. Wednesday night the White House announced 11 new judicial nominees to fill some of the more than 120 vacancies on federal courts throughout the country.

These 11 new judges are all prominent conservative legal scholars with top-notch academic and work credentials. This new slate follows an earlier cohort of 10 conservative judges Chief counsel to the Judicial Crisis Network, Carrie Severino, said this about the nominees:

“For the many Americans whose top concern in November was electing a president who would put committed constitutionalists to the courts, this is another major victory.”

Woohoo! It is great to have judges who understand the importance of our constitution and are willing to protect it.

Most importantly, President Trump picked someone to replace Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch. Allison H. Eid has been tapped to serve in Gorsuch’s place on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit, in Denver. Here’s a flashback to Justice Gorsuch’s awesome nomination:

Justice Eid had served as a law clerk to Supreme Court Justice and known constitutionalist Clarence Thomas. She had been on President Trump’s list as a possible Supreme Court candidate, and her appointment from Colorado solicitor general to the Federal Court of Appeals will strengthen her resume and make her a very strong Supreme Court contender should President Trump need to pick another Justice.

Justice Eid will definitely be one to watch! So much for the left’s claim that President Trump hates women.

All of the judges’ confirmation hearings are set to begin soon. All 11 come with extremely high credentials, and it would be hard for the Democrats to come up with reasons for them not to be nominated.

Thank you President Trump for keeping your word and picking men and women who uphold our Constitution!

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Source: Liberty Writers

One thought on “Liberals are SEETHING at What Trump Just Did to Fix Our Courts This Morning

  • June 10, 2017 at 7:23 am

    Thank you President Trump! Especially for keeping all of your promises! Something we’ve not seen in decades!


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