YOU’RE HIRED: This ONE detail in Trump’s New Job Plan will have EVERYONE Cheering

Thanks, Mr. President! In an effort to increase job security and encourage trade jobs, President Trump will announce an expansion of apprenticeship programs this week when he begins to outline his new labor policy.

During apprenticeships, students learn a trade like carpentry or welding. There are a lot of openings for trade jobs in this country, and students who complete apprenticeship programs can easily land jobs with starting salaries averaging $60,000 a year!

Even better, apprentices are paid while they learn, which helps them avoid the college debt issues plaguing many students. Older people transitioning into new fields can also benefit from apprenticeships to earn income and avoid spending several years in a university.

That’s a lot better than what a Gender Studies or Anthropology degree can do for you from a four-year university.

Ivanka Trump spoke about the President’s apprenticeship expansion plan, saying her father wants to support “working families and creating a pathway for them to have robust and successful careers. There has been great focus on four-year higher education, and in reality, that is not the right path for everyone.

Even better, apprenticeship programs are usually funded by the companies that sponsor them. The apprentices are then trained by the firm itself or by labor unions. That means expanding apprenticeship programs will be very cheap for the taxpayer.

President Trump will be rolling out more details on his plan in a policy speech at the Department of Labor on Wednesday, after visiting a technical school in Wisconsin.

We look forward to hearing more details about this awesome plan!  The media only ever shares negative things about our President, so share this 10,000 times if you’re proud to see President Trump Putting Americans Back To Work!

Source: Liberty Writers

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