Rex Tillerson Just Gave Jim Jong Un a SURPRISE- and He’s Going to HATE it

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson brought the hammer down on North Korea during a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on Tuesday. Tillerson said the United States is considering imposing sanctions on countries that do trade with North Korea.

Currently, the U.S. has no trading or diplomatic relations with the Hermit Kingdom, however, Tillerson has suggested that the U.S. can deprive North Korea of business and funds by putting pressure on its other trading partners. Tillerson said of his plan:

“We are in a stage where we are moving into this next effort of, ‘Are we going to have to, in effect, start taking secondary sanctions because countries we have provided information to have not, or are unwilling, or don’t have the ability to do that?’”

This comes in the wake of North Korea’s increased nuclear and ballistic missile testing. North Korea also recently released a critically ill American prisoner, Otto Warmbier, who had spent the past year imprisoned in the country in a coma. North Korea is also holding three other Americans captive.


Tillerson also put China on blast, saying that the country has not been fully cooperative in its stance against North Korea and that America’s relationship with China on the matter is still “uneven.” But Tillerson also emphasized that progress with China had been made overall:

They have taken steps, visible steps that we can confirm. We are in discussions with them about entities inside of China.”

Earlier this year Tillerson made a statement saying “Our patience with North Korea has ended”- looks like he means it!

Kim Jong Un probably didn’t count on Rex Tillerson or President Trump to actually stand up to North Korea’s belligerence, after years of U.S. capitulation under Obama. Well, a new sheriff is in town now- one who will NOT tolerate North Korea aggression to us or anyone else!

The media hates it when Tillerson and President Trump stick up for American interests, so we have to share it 50,000 times so our fellow Americans know the President has our back!

Source: Liberty Writers

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