PINK SLIP READY: Fox News Unleashes The 1 Thing That Could Make Robert Mueller Step Down

Special counsel Robert Mueller was a suspect pick from the beginning to take over the investigation of the Russia interference in the election. He is a long time friend and colleague of now former FBI Director James Comey along with a series of other suspect connections that show that he is the farthest thing from an unbiased person in regards to President Trump.

Now that Comey has testified and showed that he not only had ZERO evidence of Trump working with Russia, but he also worked to leak his privileged conversations with President Trump in the form of memos that he recorded afterwards “to the best of his memory.”

So the witch hunt continues of President Trump even though the first charges were factless, now they are going after him for obstruction of justice in regards to the investigation of former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.

So after just finishing one investigation with failure and no evidence of collusion with Russia, Mueller the long time friend of James Comey, who is obviously upset at being fired and motivated to go after Trump, is using the memos that were recorded after the conversations and handwritten “to the best of [Comey’s] memory” as evidence to change the investigation into obstruction of justice.

It doesn’t get more corrupt than this people.

And that is exactly what legal expert correspondent for Fox News Gregg Jarrett had to say about Mueller.

Jarrett ripped Mueller apart and even went as far as saying that Mueller should step down and that what he is doing with such a strong conflict of interest is something that “lawyers get DISBARRED for.”

Trump added more fuel to the fire when he tweeted that if anyone obstructed justice and got away with it, it was HILLARY CLINTON.



Hillary Clinton is a textbook case of obstruction of justice, but of course Comey doesn’t have any memos about that investigation does he.

Source: Liberty Writers

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