Holy God! What Just Happened in London Is So SHOCKING and TWISTED, They Need Our Prayers!

London had another terrifying incident Sunday.  Another van plowed into a crowd of people, killing one and injuring ten at last report.

This time, there was a twist, however.  The van plowed into the crowd, near a Muslim mosque, as worshipers were leaving night time prayers observed during Ramadan.

The suspect driver was heard yelling “I’m going to kill all Muslims-I did my bit.”  He was also seen smiling, waving and blowing kisses.  Scarily, witnesses report seeing three men jump from the van, but it seems that only one, the driver, was apprehended.

This world feels out of control sometimes.  And definitely right now. There are terrorists and then there are those seemingly believing that they can use violence to stop terrorism.

But we cannot allow ourselves to stoop to the level of terrorists, no matter how tempting it can be sometimes.  Our anger overflows us when these terrorist attacks happen.  And the natural thing is to want to fight back.

But we can’t allow terrorists to enter our heads and take away our peace that way.  If we allow that to happen, they win.

Three terror attacks have happened in England since March.  Two by vans plowing into crowds.  I appears that the one Sunday was an act of fighting back.  But it was no less terrorism.

I think this world needs intense prayers.  If you agree, and will pray, please do that, then SHARE with everyone you know, so we get as many prayers as possible!  Thank you and amen.

Source: Liberty Writers