OVERHAUL: Trump just got these CEOs together to do something INCREDIBLE for EVERY American

President Trump is meeting with top technology CEOs to talk about modernizing government services at the White House on Monday.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, executive chairman of Alphabet (formerly known as Google) Eric Schmidt, CEO of Apple Tim Cook, Microsoft CEO Shantanu Narayen, and PayPal co-founder Peter Theil are some of the many expected attendees. Each CEO was also asked to bring a technology expert as their plus one.

A senior Trump Administration official said of the gathering:

“We think of ourselves as having 320 million customers who are our citizens and we want them to receive digitally-enabled government services that are as good as what they receive in the private sector.

The meeting will consist of ten workshops over four hours where the CEOs and other invited technology experts can brainstorm ideas for “modernizing government services.”


One major area that President Trump will work on improving is the country’s IT infrastructure, arguing that a modernized IT system would greatly benefit the American people, and save taxpayer dollars.

The government currently spends about $80 billion a year on IT. The official noted “we think we can save a lot of that by making the infrastructure better and more efficient.”

The government will also be looking into making our IT systems more secure, to reduce fraud and protect citizen’s data.

Despite all of this endless Russia investigation and other made-up controversies, President Trump is still working hard to get these done and provide value to the American people. I love that, as a businessman, President Trump knows how to use other entrepreneurs to fix our government’s services.

The media, of course, is never going to report on this or anything positive the President does. That’s why we have to share this 1 million times to get the word out and let everyone know it’s GREAT to have a President WORKING FOR US!

Source: Liberty Writers