While Scalise Lays In Hospital, NBC Just Attacked Him In Ugly Video Going Viral

As Rep. Steve Scalise lay in his hospital bed after being shot by a crazed, leftist gunman, MSNBC host Joy Ann Reid couldn’t hold back from attacking the victim’s character. Reid claimed Scalise’s positions on ObamaCare and gay marriage were concerning “moral” issues that she personally felt couldn’t be overlooked despite his critical injury.

“There’s a whole country out there and a lot of people, at least in my Twitter timeline, and it’s a delicate thing, because everybody is wishing the congressman well and hoping that he recovers, but Steve Scalise has a history that we’ve all been forced to sort of ignore on race,” Reid said. “He also co-sponsored a bill to amend the Constitution to define marriage as between a man and a woman. He co-sponsored the House health care bill which, as you said, would gut health care for millions of people including 3 million children and he co-sponsored a bill to repeal the ban on semiautomatic weapons. Because he is in jeopardy and everybody is pulling for him, are we required in a moral sense to put that aside in the moment?”

What’s worse than the shameful timing of this tirade, is the absolute hypocrisy of Reid’s ridiculous views. According to the liberal TV star, Scalise’s difference in opinion and politics makes him fundamentally immoral.

Maybe this is EXACTLY the kind of bias media that drives crazed gunman to violence! Instead of attacking the victim’s good name while he’s helpless to defend himself, do your job and report the FACTS.

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Source: Liberty Writers