Right As Trump Saluted Steve Scalise In Cedar Rapids, All Hell BROKE Loose Behind Him

Protesters blew whistles as President Donald Trump spoke about Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) at a packed rally in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He spoke to them on Wednesday evening. Trump paused and looked back over his shoulder at the protestors who were out of camera range. Trump smiled and said “Never fails. Never fails.” Watch what happens.

“I’d also like to take this moment to send our thoughts and prayers to our courageous friend, somebody that I’ve gotten to know very well, Steve Scalise, and everyone recovering from the assault… Never fails. Never fails.”

Scalise was then reported on Wednesday to be upgraded to fair condition and beginning rehab. Here is officer Crystal Griner throwing the first pitch at the Congressional Women’s Softball Game.

The shooter in the June 14th attack on Steve Scalise was a Bernie supporter named James T. Hodgkinson. Liberals are rude, they attack Republicans, and they are now killing us.

These same liberal protestors even interrupted Trump’st tribute to Scalise.

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Source: Libery Writers