As Trump Spoke At Congressional Picnic… Reporters Noticed New AMAZING Thing About Melania

President Donald Trump made a short speech at the Congressional picnic. He was joined by Melania and Mike Pence. At the beginning of his remarks, Trump said that Steve Scalise’s’ children the recognition they deserve. See what he says 3-minutes in.

Trump then claimed that he wanted to be at the congressional baseball game. After the speech, Melania Trump was seen kissing babies and hanging out with Ivanka.

According to Daily Mail, Melania was seen wearing a $2,255 dress that night. Here is the full pics of the night below. Melania hasn’t looked this happy in a while.

Don’t you just love the Trump family?  They are such a beautiful family. Trump had decorated the White House lawn to look like Manhattan’s Central Park.

Nex,t check out what Ivanka was seen doing with her beautiful family.

Trump called for unity at the picnic and this was shown everywhere there. It’s time we get back to making this country great again. Like Trump said, “It’s our hope that the unity showed that evening can continue to grow and thrive between Republicans and Democrats.”

“I think we’d be doing a lot better and I know the country would be doing a lot better.”

“We will prove worthy of the trust the country has placed in us. I am hopeful the spirit of cooperation we have seen in recent days.”

The first family needs our support. They are getting attacked from all sides and most people don’t get to see how beautiful and wonderful they are.

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Source: Liberty Writers