Trump Goes on Fox and KNOCKS OUT Liz Warren Cold, Liberals Accuse Him of Using ‘Racial Slur’

Republicans are racist.

That seems to be the only argument liberals have in their arsenal today. It’s an absurd claim. But, it’s very effective.  It’s the laziest form of argument that exists but it tends to be very damaging.

It’s gotten to the point where liberals need to just be ignored when they started throwing that word around for literally no reason.

The best way to get liberals from abandoning their quest to always judge people based on their skin color is to just ignore them and keep doing your thing.

President Trump seems to agree with that and he just hit Liz Warren where it hurts.

From The Hill:

“She’s a hopeless case. I call her Pocahontas, and that’s an insult to Pocahontas,” Trump said in an interview with Pete Hegseth on “Fox and Friends,” adding that Warren is “a highly overrated voice.”

“I don’t think she has the kind of support that some people do. I think she heard Hillary. I watched her campaigning for Hillary [Clinton], and she was so angry,” the president told Fox News. “Hillary would be sitting back listening to her trying to smile, but there were a lot of people in that audience that were going ‘Wow, is that what we want?’ There’s a lot of anger there and hostility.”

Obviously, he didn’t say anything wrong here. Anyone who lies about their race to get ahead is a disgrace.

Warren not only did that but she has doubled down on it about a million times.




Warren is also one of the most despicable politicians you will ever see.

Just this week, she made the outrageous claim that Republicans are murderers for passing a bill she doesn’t like.

Pretty difficult for a reasonable person to take Warren’s side on basically anything.

Here’s the video.

Source: Young Conservatives