Rosie O’Donnell Backs Kathie Griffin with Shameful 2-Word Slam, Immediately Gets Humiliated

Note: this article contains coarse language that may offend some readers.

The president and the hosts of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” have been in an escalating feud, which has featured the exchange of epithets, slams of each others’ psychological states, and even a dispute about a National Enquirer story.

The conversation about this feud between the president and the media among Hollywood celebrities shows that political debate continues to deteriorate to a schoolyard level.

On Saturday, the president renewed his derogatory tweeting of the MSNBC hosts, though he threw in a backhanded compliment.


The MSNBC hosts earlier had given their comments about the national feud on Friday’s broadcast:


Comedian Kathy Griffin, who generated controversy with a graphic depiction of the president before losing her New Year’s co-hosting job with CNN, returned to political discourse on Twitter with a bang this week, condemning the president for his attacks on MSNBC hosts Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough.


Rosie O’Donnell once again showed that while celebrities complain about the president’s language, she is not elevating the nation’s discourse.


The backdrop for the conversation is continuing criticism of the MSNBC hosts, led by Keith Olbermann’s tweets in direct response to Joe Scarborough’s comment of the president [edited for content]: “Bullsh*t. He was just as unsuitable for office in 1984. You people just weren’t smart enough to see it, so you enabled him.”


She also criticized Joe Scarborough by agreeing with a tweet by @texdakota: “I agree. Scarborough took all of his calls and would always talk about how entertaining 45 is. I guess he doesn’t believe that anymore.”

Alyssa Milano also complained about the president’s attacks on the media:


The president continued his tweeting about the media on Saturday night:


Rosie couldn’t resist retweeting CNN Trump critic Ana Navarro:


If it’s anything we know about the media environment right now, it’s deteriorating rapidly — whether it’s a modern day presidency or not. And many Hollywood celebrities are not helping.

Source: Conservative Daily