CNN Reporter Tries To Get Trump Suspended From Twitter, Twitter’s Response Is A SHOCKER

Media tossed a hissy on Sunday after President Donald Trump tweeted a video of him fake clotheslining a CNN logo.

He was roundly accused by multiple media of ‘inciting violence’ against media.

CNN, of course, was most upset.

Not only did they criticize his tweet, but CNN’s Brian Stelter tried to take it one step further.

He tried to get Trump suspended from Twitter.


Stelter waited with bated breath.

But after six hours, he didn’t quite get what he wanted.

And quite the surprise from liberal Twitter.

From Right Scoop:

Twitter told CNN on Sunday that the company reviewed the tweet, which features a WWE video that has been edited to show Trump beating up a man with a CNN logo on his face.

Twitter said it considered three factors: the political context of the conversation surrounding the tweet, the various ways it could be interpreted and the lack of details in the tweet itself.

According to its rules, Twitter may suspend an account for a number of reasons, including if the user makes violent threats; attacks people based on race, religion, gender and more; or engages “in the targeted abuse or harassment of others.”

Twitter’s conclusion?

Nope, didn’t violate the standards.

But nice try trying to shut him up, Stelter.

Too bad, even Twitter isn’t with you…

Source: Young Conservatives