Hillary Clinton Spotted at Theater Performance in New York, Audience Bursts Into Applause


Former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton spent a night at the theater in New York City and took in a production of “Oslo.”

The audience was not bashful about how it felt.


The crowd gave Clinton a standing ovation. The former senator made her way down the theater stairway amid shouts of “We love you, Hillary,” and a scattered chant of “Hillary! Hillary!”.

A production of the wildly popular “Hamilton” became the scene of controversy when then Vice President-Elect Mike Pence was targeted by the audience, leading to rather unconvincing boycott threats from the national conservative audience.

The “Hamilton” cast then gave Mrs. Clinton a selfie to show their unwavering support.

More recently, an adaptation of “Julius Caesar” featuring a rather Trump-like emperor fated to be stabbed to death by Roman senators caught the attention of the president’s supporters. A few Trump supporters shouted at the cast members, even exclaiming “The blood of Steve Scalise is on your hands!”

The anti-production activists were referring to GOP Rep. Steve Scalise, who was targeted in a shooting at a baseball practice carried out by a disturbed Sanders supporter. Bernie Sanders (I-VT)disavowed any association with the volunteer and condemned the act in the strongest terms.

Politics is increasingly becoming spectacle, and Clinton’s appearance shows that Americans are being divided into teams — even at entertainment venues. Theatrical productions have become political theater of late, an unlikely turn unseen since a tragic presidential assassination on April 14, 1865.

Source: Conservative Daily