‘End This Nonsense Once & For All’: Trump Gets Personal After N. Korea Boasts ‘ICBM Missile Launch’

North Korea’s claim that it has launched an intercontinental ballistic missile that can “reach anywhere in the world” has gotten the attention of the world community, including President Donald Trump.

Korea Central Television, North Korea’s official propaganda arm, claimed a missile was test-launched a missile early Tuesday morning and that it reached 2,802 kilometers above the ground.

The test would be the most successful for North Korea, raising concerns that the rogue communist state could eventually hit the mainland United States.

U.S. and South Korean assessments, however, differ from the North Korean claim. The U.S. Pacific Command released a statement to CBS News that said the launch propelled a “land-based, intermediate range ballistic missile and occurred near the Panghyon Airfield.”

North Korea leader Kim Jong Un has a history of using the Fourth of July to carry out provocative acts:


President Donald Trump blasted the launch in personal terms:



The president made an appeal to neighboring countries to “end this nonsense once and for all”:


The North Korean missile launch comes on the date of America’s Independence Day. It is a grim reminder of the sacrifices of the nation’s troops, who stand always at the ready should the country call upon them in its hour of need.

Source: Conservative Daily