Dallas Commissioner Stuns With Statement Right After Refusing to Vote for Day Honoring Fallen Officers

The Dallas County Commission last week voted to establish July 7 as a day to honor fallen police officers. Every single commissioner voted “yes” — except Commissioner John Wiley Price.

Price’s refusal to vote was highly controversial, as it was cast one year after five Dallas police officers were gunned down by an anti-police killer.

But it’s what he reportedly yelled after the vote that has police officers furious:

“Abstained! It’s interesting in this country how you again continue to try to frame a narrative with regards to other people who have lost their lives at the hands of law enforcement. Any loss of life is bad.”

When CBS DFW called Price’s office to get clarification on the abstention, a staffer hung up on it.

Dallas Police Association President Sgt. Michael Mata requested an apology and blasted the commissioner in a statement, saying:

“Once again, we have an elected official who is showing complete disregard and disrespect to the men and women who protect this city.”

Price has a previous relationship with law enforcement. He was hit with 11 charges in a federal bribery and fraud trial. He was cleared of seven of charges, but not all of them, CBS DFW reported.

Source: Conservative Daily