NY Mayor DeBlasio Began Speech At Slain Officer’s Funeral, SUDDENLY The NYPD Took Him Down

Bill de Blasio was snubbed by NYPD officers at the funeral of a slain cop. It is awesome. After Blasio left to go to Germany to protest Trump at the G20 summit, the NYPD protested de Blasio right in his face. Watch an amazing video below.

Here is a picture of the moment below.


Here is another amazing picture. Look at all the cops turning their backs on De Blasio.


Thousands packed the World Changers Church in the Bronx to lay Familia to rest. She was a single-mother-of-three. Outside, more cops stood watching screens, according to Daily Mail.



The reason that cops are protesting De Blasio is that he decided to protest Trump in Hamburg, Germany. The trip meant that he missed the vigil for the Familia family on Saturday. New York citizens were outraged, according to the New York Post.


That’s right, De Blasio! When you insult our cops you are a disgrace.


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God bless our police. The Democrats treat them like crap. Thank God the NYPD showed De Blasio that they were tired of his lies!

Source: Liberty Writers