Fox News Host Trolled by YouTuber in Awkward Segment People Are Unsure Is Actually ‘Real’

Fox News host Jesse Watters interviewed an Antifa protester who declined to give his last name over the danger of getting doxxed. (He may have thought he was going to appear on CNN.)

The Fox “debut,” as the YouTuber described it, concerned his letter calling for violent resistance to purported attacks on left-wing protesters by “racist” Trump followers.

One of the bizarre claims by the YouTuber is that a police horse an Antifa protester stabbed in the neck was a “racist tool of the police.”

A few things threw people off about the interview and called the news value of it into question. First, a picture of Karl Marx on the Antifa protester’s desk. Secondly, although he claimed he was hiding his identity by withholding his last name from airing, he certainly was fine with showing his face on national television.

It turns out, the protester is YouTuber BG Kumbi, who bragged about his Fox News debut on his channel. A few of the top comments on his video: “its fu****g real,” “this is actually real lmao,” “A MARX PICTURE IN THE BACKGROUND BWAHAHAAHHAAHAH,” and “This is beautiful. I can’t believe they let this happen, even Sam Hyde hasn’t gotten this far. Bravo, this is gorgeous.”

A month prior, BG Kumbi joined Antifa, announcing his personal goal to “take Trump down” and become “the most famous celebrity of all-time.”

Source: Conservative Daily