Right After His Speech, Trump Jumped In A FIRE TRUCK And Did Something INSANE

Ah, man. It looks like all the drama in the mainstream media isn’t slowing President Trump down one bit!

I mean honestly, the man gave an incredible speech on bringing back American manufacturing, then he goes outside and jumps in a fire truck. Of course, it didn’t end there. Trump did the unthinkable:


This right here. This is exactly what lets you know that Donald Trump is a man of the people. Sure, it drives DC and the cynics insane, but we love this stuff.

The liberal media is already trying to spin this like they always do, but the truth is clear: Trump loves firemen.

So, put that in your pipe and smoke it, anti-Trump media. What’s wrong with a President honoring our firefighters, America’s unsung heroes?

We already know the left has never like Fire Fighters or Police or Soldiers and all other people who serve our great nation. I’d say their criticisms at this point are both unwarranted and unwelcomed.

So, please y’all, show President Trump we are proud as heck to have him representing us by sharing this everywhere and comment AMEN. God Bless you all.

Source: Liberty Writers