Trump Just BUSTED Obama Big Time, This Will Finally Bring Him Down For Good

The Deep state just leaked a top secret information on Friday to the Washington Post. They are trying to destroy the Trump administration. These leaks prove that Obama was spying on the Trump campaign.

President Trump has now tweeted that Barack Obama’s illegal spying on political opponents in 2016. POTUS Trump tweeted the following in March.


At this time, we now know that the FBI was investigating Trump Tower while the election was happening. We also know that Susan Rice lied, but then admitted that she got caught unmasking phone calls. Susan Rice then blamed racism after she was caught in her lie.

Ex-officials said that the Susan Rice made unmasking requests that were not routine. Obama officials then moved the unmasking documents to the Obama library.

Here is what the Washington Post put out about Jeff Sessions.

Last night, documents were leaked to the Washington Post showed that Obama spied on Republican Senator Jeff Sessions before the election occurred.

This proves again that Obama was spying on his political opponents. Obama needs to come in front of Congress to testify.

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Source: Liberty Writers