President Trump Brings House Down at National Boy Scouts Event With This Line About Hard Work

President Donald Trump addressed Boy Scouts from around the country at the 2017 National Scout Jamboree on Monday — and he received quite the warm welcome with an extended round of applause during his introduction. Unlike most of his speeches, Trump made it a point to avoid politics for the most part.

“Who the hell wants to speak about politics when I’m in front of the Boy Scouts,” Trump said.

He later added, “The Scouts believe in putting America first.” And just minutes into his speech, he was already interrupted by chants of “USA! USA! USA!”

Trump then listed the members of his administration that were previously Boy Scouts, including Vice President Mike Pence, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, and Energy Secretary Rick Perry. He even brought Perry and Zinke on stage.

For a second time, the crowd of scouts took over the event with patriotic chants of “USA! USA! USA!”

“Here you learn the reward of hard work and perseverance, never, ever give up, never quit,” Trump said. “There is no better feeling than an achievement that you have earned with your own sweat, tears, resolve, hard work. There is nothing like it. Do you agree with that?”

The loud cheers from the crowd indicated that they did agree. In fact, it sounded like Trump brought the house down with the line.

At one point, Trump couldn’t resist taking a shot at the media, claiming that the “fake media” would probably report that he spoke to a “small crowd” of Boy Scouts instead of reporting the truth.