Veteran’s Honest Reaction to Trump’s Transgender Ban Set to Go Viral: ‘Before You Call Me a Homophobe…’

A 20-year military veteran weighed in on President Donald Trump’s decision to ban transgender Americans from serving in the military on Wednesday, sparking an intense debate on Facebook.

The Air Force vet, who asked to only be identified as Craig for fear of backlash, expressed gratitude toward President Trump for the decision — and asked people to listen to his argument before labeling him a “homophobe” or “transgender hater.”

As a 20 Year Retired Military Member, this is the right thing to do. Before you call me a homophobe and a transgender hater which I am not, please realize I deal in the school of reality. I could care less if you were born a man or a woman and now want to call yourself something else. Thats the great thing about America and being FREE. The reality of all this is the transgender community suicide rate is upwards of 40-50%. Now put them in the military and deploy them thousands of miles from their support networks and you can see the recipe for disaster. Before you call President Trump a Homophone or a hater, realize he is listening to his commanders IN the military. That is something President Obama seldom did if ever. The Military was never meant to be a Social Experiment. Unless you served, which only 1% of Americas Men and Women do, you would not understand.

He concluded, “Thank you President Trump.”

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Craig told Independent Journal Review that he served over 20 years in the U.S. Air Force, as a munitions system specialist for 7 years before moving into recruiting duty. He said his combat duty was during Desert Storm and Desert Shield. He retired in 2009, two years after former President Barack Obama took office.

In just over an hour, his comment was liked over 1,300 times and received roughly 200 responses. The debate was lively.

“I served. Wonderful words, Craig,” one veteran responded.

Another echoed that sentiment, saying, “As a veteran myself I totally agree with our President.”

“Our military needs to focus on the defense of our country and not be distracted with issues that have nothing to do with our national defense,” yet another Facebook user responded.

But not everyone agreed. One user attacked Trump and shot back:

“Who are YOU to deny a person’s right to serve our country? BUT you are for some A**HOLE named TRUMP who DODGED the draft to fight! Now that’s patriotism…. WRONG!”

When the question was posed to military veterans on Twitter, many also responded that it was a good call for the U.S. Military.





That’s not to say there aren’t some fierce opponents to the president’s decision.




President Trump said he made the decision after speaking with military generals and experts on the issue.

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