Wasserman Schultz’s IT Guy Tried to Flee the Country. Here’s How Much Media Coverage It Got…

Traditional broadcast networks have devoted a full 37 seconds combined to the arrest of former DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wassermann Schultz’s IT director, Imran Awan, as he was attempting to flee the country.

Awan is in a heap of trouble. The long-time Democratic IT staffer, who has worked for 25 Democratic members of Congress, is under investigation for stealing House office technology and servers.

The Pakistani-born immigrant was under investigation for “wide-ranging equipment and data theft” when he wired hundreds of thousands of dollars to his family in Pakistan and attempted to flee the country.

Reports say that Awan left a wake of smashed hard drives at his residence and the FBI is now involved in the investigation. Awan is now under ankle-bracelet house arrest and was forced to surrender his passports. Wassermann Schultz continued to keep Awan on her congressional payroll until the day of his arrest.

The entire debacle can be pegged nicely into a narrative which was rampant during the 2016 election, notably that Democrats were careless with securing their information and were prone to hacks and bad actors.

However, the unfolding drama of that narrative was only covered by one broadcast network for a total of 37 seconds, according to the Media Research Center.

After all three ignored the story until Wednesday, CBS This Morning arrived at the scene, albeit it with a 37-second news brief by co-host Gayle King that only scratched the surface on this scandal concerning Awan and his family.

The coverage of enormous scandal with big national security implications has been lacking in cable, online, and print as well. The Daily Caller, which has broken a number of bombshell stories on Awan, notes the nearly complete media blackout on the case:

As of Thursday morning, both the New York Times and Wall Street Journal have yet to report on the growing scandal surrounding several IT staffers employed by House Democrats, including Wasserman Schultz’s top IT aide, Imran Awan.

Other establishment media outlets are similarly refusing to tell the public about the growing scandal. MSNBC has given zero on-air coverage to the scandal. ABC News and NBC News’ national broadcasts have similarly given zero coverage to the scandal. CNN’s only on-air coverage of the scandal so far was a brief mention during the 6:00 am ET hour Thursday morning.

The Washington Post — whose motto is “Democracy dies in darkness” — kept its readers in the dark for months about the growing scandal. The Post published its first article on the House IT scandal Wednesday afternoon, noting Awan’s arrest for bank fraud.

However, it is not just media who are complicit in ignoring the story. Wasserman Shultz has reportedly been unhelpful and even combative with Capitol Police in the probe. Awan has billed Democratic members $4 million in IT fees since 2010.