The Funniest Thing Mike Huckabee has ever said.

I have to hand it to Governor Mike Huckabee. The man comes up with some pretty awesome Tweets.

You can count on him to lighten the mood when things are tense. That is exactly what he just did.

He sent out what has to be his best Tweet of all time.

As you know, his daughter Sarah Huckabee Sanders is now the Whitehouse Press secretary, which makes this even better.

President Trump is “…on vacation while they fix an HVAC issue at the Whitehouse.” Rumors are already swirling around the internet claiming it’s all just a front to remove bugs from the walls… 😉

That’s where Mike Huckabee comes in and steals the shows. He Tweeted:

“Hey  While they are doing repairs/renovations to  HVAC, I hope they can find and FIX THE LEAKS!


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