Obama AG Loretta Lynch Reportedly Used Name ‘Elizabeth Carlisle’ as Alias in Official DOJ Emails

An electronic document dump has revealed that yet another top Obama administration official used a fake email name.

 The American Center for Law and Justice received the email files after suing to discover information about then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton while the attorney general was investigating Hillary Clinton.

The name “Elizabeth Carlisle” was found in the document dump corresponding with U.S. Department of Justice officials.


According to Reddit internet sleuths, the fake email name appears to refer to Lynch’s grandmother:

In July 2016, Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) asked Lynch about her use of email to send and receive classified information. Gateway Pundit found the exchange when Gowdy asked the attorney general about her email use:

Gowdy: So you use official email to conduct official business?

Lynch: Yes, sir. I do.

Gowdy: And do you ever email, send or receive classified information, on personal email?

Lynch: I do not.

There’s now a question of whether Lynch committed perjury with this answer considering that she, indeed, did use a fake name and an entirely different email address to conduct business.


Using a fake name for email seems to have been routine in the Obama administration.

President Barack Obama himself used an unknown pseudonym to correspond with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on her secret email server.

Former Attorney General Eric Holder used three fake names to conduct business, including Lew Alcindor, basketball great Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s birth name.


Holder also used the name Henry Yearwood — a combo of family names — and David Kendricks, which combined the names of two of the members of The Temptations.


Notorious IRS executive Lois Lerner used a combination of her dog’s and husband’s names to come up with her email pseudonym “Toby Miles.”

Former EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson sent emails using the fake name “Richard Windsor,” after one of the family dogs.

Hillary Clinton corresponded and sent classified Benghazi information to a woman by the name of “Diane Reynolds” — who was none other than Chelsea Clinton.

Clinton told her daughter what happened in Benghazi, but later, the Obama administration lied about the nature of the attacks.

Obama spokesman Brian Fallon said at the time that though top officials used fake names, they “do not ‘impact compliance’ with Freedom of Information Act requests.”

Independent Journal Review asked Judicial Watch, a group that sues under the Freedom of Information Act to get access to documents, if people used fake names to skirt Freedom of Information Requests. Chris Farrell told IJR that there’s a big question involved:

“It is not unusual for senior government officials to have pseudonym government email accounts. The purpose of those government email accounts is to avoid spam and harassment. The question is whether FOIA officials include those government email accounts in their search for responsive records.”

In other words, you have to trust them that they’ll catch all the fake names and turn over documents pertaining to them so the American people will have the transparency they’ve been promised.