You Will Get Chills Listening to What Trump Had to Say About North Korea in 1999

The world was stunned this week as U.S. intelligence reported that North Korea may have finally reached the milestone of a weapons-grade deliverable nuclear warhead.

The tin-pot dictatorship has a decades-long history of saber rattling and openly stating its desire to become a nuclear power. Finally, it seems, it has achieved that goal, and the region will never be the same. The dark achievement comes after decades of appeasement of the tyrannical communist dictatorship by American presidents, both Republican and Democrat.

President Donald Trump, seven months into his administration, has perhaps done more to put the screws directly onto Pyongyang than any of his predecessors. The president has ramped up defenses in South Korea, sanctioned North Korea harshly in the United Nations, and has taken a tone that calls out the despot’s threat directly.

After the warhead capability was announced, Trump warned in a press conference that threats against the U.S. “will be met with the fire and the fury like the world has never seen.”

The president said this on Twitter:


However, nearly 20 years before Trump would become president, he was predicting what a catastrophe the North Korean problem would present if left unchecked. In a Tim Russert segment from 1999, while Bill Clinton was still in office, then-businessman Trump said he would be open to a pre-emptive strike. Then he made this grim prediction:

“These people, in three or four years, are going to have nuclear weapons. They’re going to have them pointed all over the world and specifically at the United States.

The biggest problem this world has is nuclear proliferation. You know it, and every politician knows it, and nobody wants to talk about it.”

The future president went on to ask about disarming North Korea: “Do you want to do it in five years when they have warheads all over the place? Pointing to Washington, pointing to New York? Or do you want to do it now?”

Now it seems, the president was right.