Maxine Waters Calls The White House, “White Supremacist House,” IMMEDIATELY Regrets It

Rep. Maxine Waters is known for her ridiculously foolish comments against anyone who isn’t a race baiting liberal democrat. In her latest tirade of stupidity, she made responded to the recent violence in Charlottesvile, Va., calling the White House the now “White Supremacist House.”

Here’s what she said:

“Trump has made it clear – w/ Bannon & Gorka in the WH, & the Klan in the streets, it is now the White Supremacists’ House. #Charlottesviille,” Waters wrote on Twitter, referring to Steve Bannon and Sebastian Gorka.


She Then added:

“Trump refuses to condemn white supremacists & terrorists who showed up in Charlottesville. Is he sending a signal? Everyone must be careful.”

Waters said to not be surprised to see white supremacists doing the things they did on saturday much more often now that Trump is the president.

“Don’t forget, Trump offered to pay legal fees for those who attacked protesters at his rallies,” Waters continued tweeting. “Will he be making that same offer now?”


Maxine also criticized the president for apparently being “too slow” to distance himself from David Duke, who told Trump “it was White Americans who put you in the presidency.”

“Trump claimed he didn’t know D. Duke, but Duke said white supremacist rally was done to fulfill Trump’s promises,” Waters tweeted. “Do you know him now,Trump?”


As soon as she made these tweets, Trump supporters started replying by the hundreds, SLAMMING her and her fans for blaming the president for white supremacist groups.





Clearly these liberal leftists don’t understand that conservatives are not to blame for white supremacist groups or any of the events that happened this weekend. But of course they will use this as a way to push their own political agenda and discredit the POTUS and conservatives.

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