Bannon Just Announced What He’s Gonna Do To Fox News And It’s Massive

Former Chief White House Strategist Steve Bannon is now the current executive chairman of Breitbart News and says that he is going to jump right back to work at Breitbart.

Remember what Bannon said months ago at CPAC. The fight is not over.

He says that he is going to waste no time in expanding the populist news network. Bannon is plotting to build a channel that can rival Fox News. According to Axios, Roger Ailes sent a letter to Bannon that said that he wanted to get a channel together.


According to Jonathan Swan at Axios, Bannon has told friends that he sees a massive opening to fight off Fox News. He says that he is going to go after the network.

Bannon is wondering if it will be a standalone TV network or a streaming network. Ailes may have told Bannon about the idea – which Bannon supposedly loved. He thinks that Fox is going in the squishy, globalist direction.

Bob Mercer is ready to invest big in what’s coming up next and it seems like it might happen.

Bannon said to Bloomberg Businessweek’s Josh Green that he’s “going to war for Trump against his opponents.”


It’s time to save Trump from the media. Let’s keep fighting, Patriots. Get this out there if you are ready to keep the fight going.

Source: Liberty Writers