AMAZING!Minutes Ago Trump Looked Right Into Solar Eclipse, Then Did Something JAW DROPPING

Big things are coming in this country. Are you ready? Nothing can take down Donald Trump. Not even the sun itself. President Trump decided to challenge the sun today and stare directly into the solar eclipse.

He wasn’t even wearing protective goggles. Check it out in this video below.

Despite all the warnings that the eclipse would hurt your eyes and cause blindness, Trump stole a glance at the eclipse. He is so frickin’ awesome. He doesn’t care at all. HE JUST TOOK ON THE SUN HIMSELF. Check out this photo below. You know what you see on his face.

You see him smiling, liberals? That’s because he’s President and there is nothing that y’all can do about it.

Back to the matter at hand. Here is the full video below.

Share this everywhere if you are so frickin’ impressed by your President. The violent liberals, the crappy legislature, the lying media doesn’t know what’s going to hit them.

Let’s show them how many Trump supporters are still out there. I love my President, do you?

Source: Liberty Writers