James Woods Reveals the Moment That Drove Him From the Democrat Party — It Explains Why He Hates Hillary

Anyone who has watched actor James Woods interact on Twitter knows that he is unapologetic in his support for President Donald Trump.

Throughout the 2016 campaign, he repeatedly reminded his followers that the attack on Benghazi happened not just on former President Barack Obama’s watch, but on Hillary Clinton’s as well.

And his support of President Trump — as well as horrible things such as historical monuments and Second Amendment rights — has certainly affected his popularity in Hollywood.

When asked:


Woods quickly replied:






And a few others have backed that up in the past:




But despite the number of people who know exactly where Woods stands now, far fewer are aware he used to be a — gasp — Democrat.

Someone asked the veteran actor how he’d managed to spend so much time in Hollywood and not be a part of the groupthink for which it is famous:


For Woods, the response was simple:


And when one considers the fact that Woods’ IQ is estimated to be 180 or higher (for reference, Albert Einstein had an IQ of 160), it might be wise for more of Hollywood to listen to Woods rather than blacklist him.

Source: Conservative Daily