Trump Just Threw Every CROOKED Republican Under The Bus With What He Did

President Trump said on Thursday that other GOP leaders in Congress tied legislation to raise the debt ceiling to a Veterans Affairs bill. He said their failure has led to a political mess surrounding the issues.

Trump targeted Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan in the tweet. That’s gonna hurt. This is why you don’t mess with Trump.


Congress has a Sept. 30 deadline to raise the debt ceiling. If they don’t do it, the US will not be able to make their payments and the nation’s bond rating will go down. That’s a fancy way of saying that they would screw the government if they did that.

The veterans legislation that Trump referred to is being signed into law on Wednesday.

“You know how this place works: You always stick something people love onto something people hate,” Roe said, according to Dow Jones. “Obviously something that has to be done — that’s what we always do to get the debt ceiling” raised, said Rep. Phil Roe (R. Tenn), via The Hill.

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They need to do their damn jobs or else they are out next year.

Source: Liberty Writers