Mike Huckabee Just Said The One Thing About Trump And Hurrican Harvey He Wasn’t Supposed To

Leave it to old Governor Mike Huckabee to be the only voice of reason when the whole media world is going to hell in a handbasket.

If you get “news” from MSNBC, CNN, Washington Post, NY Times, or one of the other propaganda sources, you would believe Trump went on vacation to free Arpaio who avoiding the hurricane all together…SO WRONG!

Mike Huckabee Just revealed that Trump’s Hurrican response is not only good, it is down right historic.

Former Governor Huckabee rightly pointed out that President Trump almost immediately issued his state of Emergency, has been in CONSTANT contact with the governors of the hit states, especially Texas, since way before the disaster struck.

There have already been well over 1000 rescues since the storm hit just yesterday and the White House, in conjunction with FEMA an the National Guard, is working overtime to make sure this natural disaster doesn’t become a tragedy.

Heck, today alone President Trump has already held 2 Cabinet meetings on the hurricane response and is showing future Presidents EXACTLY how a real leader handles a disaster.

Of course, this whole catastrophe is still a long way from over. The water is rising and more people need help. Trump is doing everything he can, as are our government services, so, for now, let’s offer prayer and good will until this crisis ends.

Source: Liberty Writers