Latest Report Shows President Trump And Melania Have Something INCREDIBLE Planned For Texas

President Trump will visit Texas Tuesday to evaluate the federal government’s response to the Hurricane Harvey disaster that has caused significant flooding in the state.

Vice President Mike Pence said in a radio interview on Monday that President Trump, Melania, and Cabinet officials would go on the trip.

The president has been monitoring the situation closely from the White House and Camp David, and vowed to visit the state at an appropriate time, when he would not be a distraction:


The president has also been providing encouragement and praise for the people in Texas weathering the storm:


This is the first major natural disaster of the Trump presidency, and by all accounts, he has been handling it well, coordinating closely with state, local, and federal agencies to get relief to the people of Texas.

Texas Governor Gregg Abbott praised the president’s vigilance during the disaster:

“I’ve got to tell you, I give FEMA a grade of A+, all the way from the president down,”Abbott said. “I’ve spoken to the president several times, to his Cabinet members, such as secretary of homeland security, such as the administrator of FEMA, such as Tom Price, the secretary of health and human services.”

As an entrepreneur and CEO, Trump was used to going out into his building sites, inspecting the work, and making sure things were running smoothly on the ground. Now he gets to put those skills to the ultimate test, ensuring the health and safety of the American people.

Source: Liberty Writers