“We’ve Won Every Fight!” Nancy Pelosi Goes On A Delusional Rant, Maybe It’s Time For Her To Retire

President Trump won the election despite how hard the Democrats tried to stop him and slander him. President Trump has reduced immigration and passed bill after bill. However, according to Nancy Pelosi, the Democrats win every single fight. She is delusional.

In an interview, Pam Moore mentioned that despite the ‘disarray’ in the White House, Democrats haven’t been able to ‘capitalize’.

“What do you mean, not capitalized? We’ve beaten them on the appropriations. We’ve won every fight. The president’s numbers are in the high thirties, which is, for a new president, remarkable, that they be so low. So I think he is making his own case; the American people see for themselves that he does not share their values, and that he does not … some who may have voted for him are now rethinking, and others are just digging in their heels,” responded Pelosi.

“But we are getting ready for an election, the election of 2018. We expect to take back the Congress,” said Pelosi, even though many experts believe that Democrats don’t stand a chance in 2018. She then claimed that Republicans will join her side.

“In the meantime, though, we hope to get Republicans to join us in our “better deal.” Better jobs, better pay, better future, tools for the future for families to see their children thrive and issues that relate to building infrastructure, physical and human infrastructure in our country. So we’re, in our view, in a good place,” said Pelosi. Is she in complete denial? Check out the video below.

Source: Conservative 101