GOD BLESS: 34 Year Veteran Houston Police Officer Just Gave All For His City

Hurricane Harvey has devastated Houston as well as other parts of the great state of Texas. The death toll from the hurricane has risen to 15 at last count.

One of those people who lost their life is 34 year veteran Houston police officer Sgt. Steve Perez.  He told his wife before he left home to report for duty that he had work to do, against her protest that he stay home.

While most people should have evacuated or at least stayed home, Sgt. Perez had a job to do, and he gave his life to do it.

Here is the Houston Police Chief discussing the situation and confirming his death:

Rescuers discovered Sgt. Perez’s body in his flooded vehicle.  He is survived by his wife and grown son and daughter.   Our prayers go out to them.

The Mayor of Houston tweeted this out about Perez, who he has called a hero:

And the U.S. Secret Service tweeted out this:

It’s so sad to hear of the loss of a police officer who has served so long.  This hero was lost in the line of duty, trying to protect and serve.  Our hearts go out to his family.

Source: Liberty Writers