JUSTICE WINS: New FBI Director Just Made Every Antifa A Criminal With Just Two Words

To anyone who has been to a Trump rally or even watched an internet video, there can be ZERO doubt that Antifa are a bunch of dangerous and violent psychopaths using force to destroy our country. That much is a fact.

Now, those anarchists who prey on ignorant Liberal teens have been SMASHED one final time that will shut them down for sure:

The FBI and Department of Homeland Security have declared Antifa a “Domestic Terror” Organization!

This is actually NOT a recent discovery, either. It turns out the FBI and DHS determined back in 2016 that Antifa was a terror organization and began warning states back then of the danger they posed.

Still, many Dems saw these Alt-Left extremists as “allies” in the fight against the Republicans and decided to IGNORE the warning.

Thanks to the Label, however, the new FBI Director Christopher Wray is working overtime to put all the known Antifa on the Terror Watch List to prevent them from creating WMDs and traveling overseas to get “anarchy training” in Greece and Italy.

So now the ball is in the Democrat court. They were so ready to say Trump was WRONG to call Antifa violent and dangerous. It turns out the FBI agreed with Trump even back then. Help share this major report everywhere and put Antifa away once-and-for-all.

Source: Liberty Writers