Troll Level: Expert. FLOTUS Boards Air Force One for Houston, Wears Stilettos

Ever since Donald Trump announced his run for the presidency, his wife, Melania, has been the target of a fair amount of criticism herself. From political attack ads featuring nude photos from 20 years ago to incessant commentary on her wardrobe, the First Lady has weathered every onslaught with class.

In fact, on several occasions, she has appeared to quietly troll her haters with a deftness that can only be classified as “expert.”

When then-candidate Trump participated in the second presidential debate against Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, only days had passed since the revelation of the “Access Hollywood” audio featuring the “grab them by the p***y” line.

Melania, under fire for standing by her man, sat in the front row wearing a Gucci blouse with a prominent “pussy bow” around the neck:


And when the president and first lady made a trip to take stock of the devastation in Texas this past week, all anyone could talk about was how “inappropriate” it was for Melania to board Air Force One in stilettos.

Never mind the fact she changed mid-flight and deplaned wearing “appropriate” footwear.

On Saturday morning, President Trump and First Lady Melania set off for Texas again, this time headed for the epicenter of the damage in Houston.

And while some might have thought that Melania would take the opportunity to “learn” from the media firestorm that resulted from her previous footwear choice, well, some would be wrong:

Here’s a clearer look:

Want a better look?

Here it comes…


Source: Conservative Daily