Right After The 9/11 Ceremony, Trump Made History With Two Simple Words

Y’all 9/11 was truly a terrible day in American history, one that all who lived through it will never, ever forget. It has been 16 years since

It has been 16 years since 9/11, and remembering it still brings Americans a sense of sadness and also pride and unity in their country.

President Trump marked this event in a formal and somber fashion, placing a wreath and giving a speech. He posted this heart-wrenching video detailing the ceremony (make sure to play it with sound on):


But President Trump did not stop there. He wanted to take it a step further and commemorate this day like no one has before. President Trump officially proclaimed September 11 of each year “Patriot Day.”


President Trump outlined the purpose of Patriot Day in a White House statement:

“On Patriot Day, we honor the nearly 3,000 innocent lives taken from us on September 11, 2001, and all of those who so nobly aided their fellow citizens in America’s time of need.” 

“We rededicate ourselves to the ideals that define our country and unite us as one, as we commemorate all the heroes who lost their lives saving others.”

Wow. This is an incredible gift to the American people, reinforcing the spirit of unity, compassion, and patriotism that showed itself after 9/11 for all time.

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Source: Liberty Writers