Donald Trump Isn’t the Only One Who’s Been Complaining About CNN’s Jim Acosta—So Are His Own Co-Workers

The man whom President-elect Donald Trump dismissed as “fake news” is enjoying his stint in the White House press corps as chief Trump antagonizer.

CNN White House reporter Jim Acosta is the subject of a Politico profile in which he’s described as “content” that his anti-Trump role puts him “on the right side of history.”

Politico reports that Acosta’s increasing infamy is causing issues with his co-workers at the White House:

  • “He understands that this is a big show, he’s seen the Saturday Night Live parodies and he’s made a conscious effort to become one of the notable characters,” said a senior reporter who sits toward the front of the briefing room.

Politico also reports that the top brass seems to like Acosta’s badgering act:

  • From CNN’s vantage point, Acosta is standing up to a bully—both for a network that has been under attack by Trump and those who feel disenfranchised in the president’s America.

One senior person in the newsroom told Politico that there is some embarrassment over Acosta’s antics:

  • “There’s some grumbling in the rank-and-file that this isn’t straight news. But the higher up you go, the more people like what Jim’s doing or he wouldn’t be doing it.”

The magazine also reports that former White House spokesman Sean Spicer was once one of Acosta’s best news sources before Spicer dropped a hammer on him, calling him “out of line.”

The White House even stopped giving Acosta an audience for his prepared rants by cutting off the video feed of the daily press briefings several times. During the first blackout, Acosta brayed at Spicer, “Why don’t we turn the cameras on?” over and over again.

Acosta believes his job is to persuade Trump voters to “carefully consider and think deeply about what is happening in this country.”

Acosta’s appeal has won over even disgraced former network anchor Dan Rather, who told Politico, “CNN should give him a raise and a week off. That’s how good he’s been.”

See President Trump call Acosta “fake news” below.

Source: Conservative Daily