Moments After Dems LIED About Trump And Puerto Rico, Trump Called The Press And Revealed The TRUTH Himself

The President of the United States has been the victim of an unrelenting campaign by the Elitists on the left to overthrow him. If it wasn’t clear before, their new hit job about him and Puerto Rico is guaranteed proof.

For the last 2 days, the Dems have tried and labeled Puerto Rico as Trump’s Katrina. They say he is ignoring all the Natural Disasters because of his NFL Tweets (which is dumb logic).

Well, today the President shut them all up with one genius move. He called the Press into the Roosevelt Room this afternoon and said he is going to personally visit Puerto Rico on Tuesday.

Of course, we all know the Dems are gonna try and take credit for this. Lord knows they always do. The problem is, Trump has been planning this trip ever since Hurricane Maria made landfall in Puerto Rico.

The President also exposed another major Democrat lie: That he has not been providing proper material and military support for Puerto Rico.

Trump told the room of reporters, “All available federal resources, including the military, are being marshaled to save lives.”

However, he also was very straightforward about the difficulty of helping Puerto Rico. He said their island geography has made recovery efforts much more difficult than for Texas or Florida, which are both on the mainland United States.

Actually, Federal assistance in Puerto Rico has already been going on even despite the protest by the Left. Carmen Yulín Cruz, the Mayor of San Juan, went on CNN to sing the praises of Trump and the “great job” of FEMA in the recovery efforts.

Clearly, the Left is working around the clock and try and label this as “Trump’s Katrina” because they fear the Truth. The truth is that Trump has been PHENOMENAL at dealing with every major challenge he has faced since becoming President and they are afraid people may start to notice.

Let’s make that fear a reality by sharing this everywhere and letting the President’s work speak for itself.

Source: Liberty Writers