Taylor Swift Sent Flowers for Cop Who Was Shot and the Internet Can’t Stop Hating Her for It

Following the deadly shooting in Las Vegas, which left 58 dead and hundreds injured, Taylor Swift performed a kind, unexpected gesture that showed her support for the police.

One of the Los Angeles Police Department’s Foothill Community Police officers was off duty during the shooting and took a bullet during the attack.

The popular singer then reached out to the police department and sent numerous, large bouquets of flowers:



You’d think that people would adore Swift’s kind gesture, but many found a way to attack her for sending the flowers to police, with one even claiming she was an “alt-right princess”:




Why don’t she show up herself and meet than sending flowers. That don’t mean anything

— Marie ♡ 🌸 (@MariePerrino) October 3, 2017


It seems that there’s no escaping the hatred for Taylor Swift.

Source: Conservative Daily