Ever since Colin Kaepernick started the sick trend of disrespecting our national anthem, dozens of other anti-American NFL players have followed suit. One player took it another step further, however, and acted like a peeing dog in the end zone—but fortunately for us, he just got a huge payback.

While it’s certainly hard to pick the biggest “loser” of the NFL, as Trump says, this man is definitely up there. New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. let his liberal side get the best of him in a game last month, and decided to do an end zone celebration in which he imitated a peeing dog.

This came in the midst of numerous players refusing to respect our national anthem, and he later told reporters it was directed at President Donald Trump. These people earn millions of dollars every single year, all thanks to this great nation, and then they have the audacity to attack it and the President.

The NFL gave him a roughly $12,000 fine, but compared to the millions that he makes every single year, this is a simple slap on the wrist—and yet another act of disrespect towards our veterans and NFL fans. Thankfully there was no “peeing dog” yesterday, but rather a “wounded puppy,” after the wide receiver ended up getting seriously injured.

After jumping in an attempt to receive a throw, Odell Beckham was tackled…and his left ankle got caught underneath the man who tackled him. It then twisted seven ways to hell, which ended up shattering his ankle and likely putting him out of the game for the season.

This is what happens when you disrespect America—we’ve had millions of men and women DIE to give these thugs the right to free speech and free expression, and yet they abuse it like spoiled little children who don’t know how good they’ve got it. I don’t know about you, but I for one am boycotting all games where NFL players take a knee.

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Source: Freedom Daily