PURE GENIUS: President Trump Has A New Plan To Save Our Healthcare WITHOUT Congress

President Donald Trump has been working hard since the day he took office to make sure the disaster of Obamacare doesn’t destroy our country. He figured it would be easy with Republicans running the Congress, Supreme Court, and White House. He was wrong…

Well, now the President has shown up with a whole new plan to take care of healthcare with or WITHOUT their help. He now has an Executive Order on his desk that will allow Health Insurance companies to sell plans between states.

A furious Trump told reporters this morning,

“They’ll be able to cross state lines. And they will get great competitive healthcare, and it will cost the United States nothing. Take care of a big percentage of the people that we’re talking about, too.”

“With Congress the way it is, I decided to take it upon myself. So we’ll be announcing that soon, as far as the singing is concerned, but it’s largely worked out.”

Now, I’m sure plenty of you are wondering HOW this will help you. That’s simple. Currently, health insurance companies cannot sell between states, which allow them to charge different rates while also maintaining government sanctioned Oligopoly.

With the new Executive Order on the books, these companies will be FORCED to compete on pricing and, with a touch of capitalism, the cost of health insurance WILL go down.

Thank God we have a President willing to fight back against Crony Capitalism to help true capitalism prevail. Send this out everywhere if you are happy with this move by Trump.

Source: Liberty Writers