Famous Hollywood Actress Attacks Barron Trump In Nasty Way, Instantly Regrets It

Chelsea Handler is as anti-Trump as they come. But unlike some out in Hollywood she is never funny and always mean when she attacks President Trump.

And she is known for getting nasty and filthy with the innocent – like Barron Trump who never did a damn thing to anyone.

And for that matter Melania should be off-limits or at least leave the hate at home when these Hollywood liberals want to bash Trump and his family.

For when hate takes control there can be no comedy. Which is why hate ruins comedians and ends their careers.

You want proof? 4 words:

Rosie O’Donnell. Kathy Griffin.

And we can now add Chelsea handler to the wall of shame for what she just said about Barron and Melania Trump.

Chelsea Handler tweeted out today:

“Is there anyone dumber than @realDonaldTrump? Besides his children, and Melania? Does anyone know anyone dumber? Maybe tila tequila.”


Just another sad attempt by a fading Hollywood start to stay in the game. Sad and disgusting but also hurtful.

Look Barron is a kid and kids are cruel and some kid could and probably will use this to try to embarrass Barron. Who by all accounts is a great kid.

That is why we usually leave the children and families of politicians out of it. But not anymore because the left have completely lost their minds.

Thankfully social media hit back hard and in devastating and humiliating fashion and made Handler instantly regret opening her big mouth.


Ouch. Just ouch.



The sad part is they don’t care that they are humiliating themselves or hurting kids because they are consumed by hate.

And if history is a judge Chelsea’s 15 minutes are about up.

Source: The Lutchman Report