BOYCOTT: NFL’s Thursday Night Attendance Spells Doom For Protesting Players Paychecks (Pics)

Remember “Field of Dreams?” The Kevin Costner surprise hit movie about baseball, sports, life, patriotism family, etc.?

It did well and didn’t have one player disrespecting America.

As IJR is reporting last night’s NFL game turned into the “Field of Nightmares” for the NFL so low was the attendance.

Look, the NFL and the players and their agents and their sponsors can say what they want. But pictures do not lie and the house was empty, the dream is dead, and the protesting players will soon get hit in the paycheck.

Owners rely in TV money which is down but that is shared between teams.

The owners get huge revenue that they do not have to share from their home games. Seat licenses (total scam), tickets, sky boxes, beer, food parking.

They rake it in hand over fist but only if people show up.

And as we have seen throughout the season people are not. Last night was probably the worst example and it means the trend is going down and the NFL should start panicking.

If not now when?

When it is too late to arrest the fall?


Last night’s game was huge too. A big rivalry between the Kansas City Chiefs who are atop the AFC West standings and the Oakland Raiders who need to gain ground and quick.

It was an excellent game with playoff implications that came down to the last play. Translation: the house should have been packed and the stadium rocking.


Here is the thing the players forget. Because the NFL is so violent no contract is guaranteed. Not even the big stars (they get signing bonuses) have long-tern guaranteed money.

So after the year is over the the revenue is down the owners can simply cut players and renegotiate contracts. Or threaten to do so.

Look money talks and if the revenue is down, unlike other sports leagues, the owners are not burdened with onerous contracts.

In other words stand and respect the flag or it is about to cost you.

Source: Liberty Writers