This Brigadier General Just MUZZLED Frederica Wilson With These 4 Words

I don’t know if you saw it or not, but Monday morning, Good Morning America  interviewed the Gold Star widow who recently lost her husband in combat, who  Rep. Frederica has used as a political pawn to try to discredit our President.

All I can say is, when are you going to bring on the Gold Star widow who said Trump called her and that “[h]e was a great guy.  He was a boss.”  I truly hope they give air time to both women.

And, while I want the media to be fair, I doubt that will happen.  They are only about ratings, and not truth.  What I really hope they’ll do, is what Brigadier General Anthony Tata recently said:  “The idea that we’re continuing to use theses [sic] military killed in action combat deaths as a political weapon is appalling to me, so I think everybody needs to put down the shovel on this one.”

What Gen. Tata discuss how Trump honors our military men and women:

In his recent interview,he was specifically referring to Frederica, saying “I think the bigger question is, why are we allowing a congresswoman to stand on the backs of four dead soldiers. Why are we continuing to dig this hole,” and  “I thought there might be one last refuge of reverence here, and that’s military deaths.”

That’s right, he accused her of “stand[ing] on the backs” of the soldiers recently killed in Niger.  What a compelling image, and it’s exactly right.

Do you agree with the Brigadier General? If you do, please Share everywhere, and comment “get off their backs, Frederica.”

Source: Liberty Writers