Holy Crap! CNN Just Got Caught Editing Footage of Trump in Japan & it Exposes Them For Who They Really Are

CNN just got caught red handed… again. The liberal network goes out of their way to try and destroy President Trump but they just reached a new low.

During President Trump’s visit to Japan, he took part in a ceremony with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. During the ceremony, they were supposed to dump fish food into a pond, but CNN edited the video to make it look like Trump was the only one to dump fish food in. (Continue Below)

You’ll see in the video, CNN zooms in to make it look like Trump is some crazed lunatic who decided to dump the whole bowl of food in. What they don’t show is the Japanese Prime Minister doing the same thing. WATCH this video comparing the real video with the CNN edited version. SHARE this on Facebook so we can expose them!

Just when you thought CNN couldn’t get any worse, they take it to a whole new low.

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