After Kim Jong Un Called Trump an “Old” Man, Trump Shot Back With The Best Comeback Ever

President Trump just landed in Vietnam and he immediately responded to North Korean leader Kim John Un’s insults.

Kim Jong Un said he’s “heard enough” of America’s “Mad Dog Leader” and warned President Trump not to underestimate North Korea. He also apparently called Trump an old man. Well, Pres. Trump shot back with the best comeback ever.

President Trump started by Tweeting this.


Sometimes you have to play hardball and respond in the only way these thug leaders will understand. We all know Trump isn’t afraid to hit back! SHARE this on Facebook if you stand with Trump.

But he wasn’t done there. The President also called out the mainstream media on their lies about his dealings with Putin. He pointed out that he is simply doing what Obama tried and failed to do in having a good relationship with Russia.


If this was Obama, the media would be cheerleading his efforts for peace in the world.